Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011-05-19 Forecast: Central KS

Currently in Lamar heading east.

12z data combined with 09z RUC shows concordance of Ts and Tds, so I'm hoping the RUC is on-call for the day. 500mb closed low over the Rockies will continue to provide an optimal envrionment over KS/OK/TX, and even back toward CO. SW winds will be maximized in a thick, elongated zone from SE CO to TX/OK PH to NE with speeds AOA 50-55kts. The midlevels have cooled a lot over the region, but look very solid over SC OK and into TX, though the PH region and all of KS will have very cool midlevels.

Potent, well delineated dry punch should form over the OK PH and spread NE around DDC to Quinter serving as a potent focusing mechanism. The 990mb sfc cyclone in SE CO should once again intensify allowing backing along the dry punch with easterly winds as it moves up close to the I-70 corridor in KS. CIN will hold things in check, but most of KS and some of C OK should become uncapped with CAPE >2000 J/kg. A potent southerly LLJ of nearly 40kt will nose into OK into the S KS region between 21z-00z.

At this point, I'm going for the triple point and probably will head over to DDC for reassessment as the day goes on suspecting I'll probably need to move slightly NE to be in range.


mandylynn80 said...

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